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Our Mission

High School Graduates


Mission Statement

Coquitlam College is dedicated to providing students of all nations with excellent educational opportunities within an atmosphere of scholarly integrity, cultural sensitivity and community engagement.

Our Values

The core values of Coquitlam College are:
  • Students are our primary concern
  • The promotion of teaching excellence
  • Fostering a strong international environment
  • Using sports and activities to foster a strong learning environment
  • Providing a warm, friendly and safe atmosphere for students from many different places

Our Goals

The goals of Coquitlam College are:
  • To maintain high academic standards
  • To provide each student with educational programs that are individual and account for a wide range of backgrounds, interests and experiences
  • To provide an environment which reflects the multicultural nature of our society
  • To provide students with the means to achieve their goals and enable them to transfer to institutions which will further advance these goals
  • To encourage students to pursue broad academic goals in order to nurture their creativity and to help them to fully participate in a civil society
  • To provide affordable education in a private college environment
  • To provide a happy and rewarding working environment for staff and faculty
  • To work with the community to develop a close working relationship between academic pursuits and practical applications of the learning taking place at the college