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Host Family Information

Regular Program

  • $1350 per month (3 meals a day) in Coquitlam
  • $1450 per month (3 meals a day) in Vancouver/Burnaby
  • Payments come directly from the student
  • The rate for a student who is away on holiday is one half the regular fee. The host family will hold the room for the student’s return
  • In the event that the host family is away, the host family shall give the student a refund to pay another family or arrange for another person to care for them in their home

The full-time student will stay with you from one month to a full year on a month-to-month basis.

Students who are 19 years or younger need to have the host family sign a notarized custodianship document in order to live with the family. If you accept a student under 19 years, the Homestay Coordinator will contact you to make these arrangements.


Visiting Relatives

The homestay fee is $60 per person per day. Prior arrangements must be made with the Homestay Coordinator and/or the homestay family.

Summer/Winter Program

The Summer and Winter Short-Term Programs are offered for 3 – 4 weeks.

The following information applies to these programs:

  • Two or more students are placed per family. These students can share a bedroom, provided there are enough beds in the room, or they have separate bedrooms.
  • The pick up upon arrival is at the Coquitlam College.
  • Students must be driven to and from the College
  • Remuneration is $60.00 per day and the College will issue the cheque at the end of the program
  • A T4 A will be issued at the end of the year.

Apply Now

Please fill out and return the application form if you are interested in becoming a host family. Your application will be kept on file for one year, unless directed otherwise by you. We interview families on a need basis; we do not have a waiting list by date of application. If a student’s application requests a home with young children, we interview families with young children.

Host Family Application Form