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E-databases Search

Coquitlam College E-Resources

Currently, Coquitlam College provides access to two academic e-databases namely JSTOR and ProQuest E-library, through the MyCC account for students and instructors.

JSTOR provides access to more than 12 million academic journal articles, books, and primary sources in 75 disciplines. Full text access is available for the following JSTOR collections, namely, the Arts & Science VII Collection, Language & Literature Collection and Business & Economics Collection.

The ProQuest elibrary provides basic and advances search options to thousands of e-resources on subjects covering subjects such as English Language Arts, History, Science & Mathematics, Social & Political Sciences, Sports & Health, and Performing & Visual Arts. Users may browse through the subjects of their interest or search using specific search query terms or keywords. Filtering by source type allows the user to select either Newspapers, Magazines, Scholarly Journals, Books etc. as listed in the search options. User access (for students/instructors) to these e-databases is provided through their MyCC account and within the MyCC Library webpage.

Click here to find information on how to access electronic databases subscribed by the college. You will also find access to the updated Course Booklist, the Writing Centre page, and some useful Open access academic resources.