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Writing & Learning Centre

Writing Centre

The Writing Centre offers support for students looking for feedback on their writing. If you are working on a class project that is writing-intensive, whether it is a formal essay or not, come and meet with our tutors for feedback. Our tutors can also help with resume and cover letter writing. Bring a draft of your resume or your cover letter, and the Writing Centre tutors can help you perfect it. If you need a template to help start writing your resume, you can download one.

The Writing Centre is available for students at the Coquitlam Campus and the Surrey Campus. Please visit the Student Portal for updates and notices to the Writing Centre schedule.

Please note:
Please review the below information regarding changes to the Writing Centre due to COVID-19

The Writing Centre offers support for students looking for feedback on their writing assignments ranging from topics such as referencing and citations, thesis statements, paraphrasing, and more! To receive writing help and arrange a Zoom meeting, you can email us at!

In your email to us, please include:

  • Your full name and student number.
  • The date and time you would like to have your Zoom meeting.

To access the Writing Centre’s MyCC page for more information and helpful writing tips, click here:

Online Writing Centre Hours

9:00am - 4:00pm
Brittany Hopkin
9:00am - 4:00pm
9:00am - 12:00pm
Brittany Hopkin
Michael Loncaric
9:00am - 4:00pm
Brittany Hopkin
9:00am - 4:00pm
9:30am - 12:30pm
Brittany Hopkin
Shannon Page
9:00am - 4:00pm
Brittany Hopkin

In addition, the Writing Centre offers workshops each semester for students looking to improve their academic reading and writing skills. This semester, the Writing Centre will be giving various workshops over Zoom. The Zoom links for these workshops will become available on the MyCC home page or the Writing Centre’s MyCC page on 24 hours before each workshop begins.

Spring 2022 Writing Centre Workshop Schedule

Wednesday, January 26 at 3:00PM: Thesis Statements (Brittany Hopkin)

Monday, January 31 at 3:00PM: Accidental Plagiarism (Brittany Hopkin)

Tuesday, February 8 at 11:00AM: Reading (Level I) (Mike Loncaric)

Thursday, February 24 at 11:00AM: Accidental Plagiarism (Shannon Page)

Monday, February 28 at 3:00PM: Thesis Statements (Brittany Hopkin)

Tuesday, March 8 at 11:00AM: Accidental Plagiarism (Mike Loncaric)

Thursday, March 17 at 11:00AM: Using Sources: Summary, Quotation, and Paraphrasing (Shannon Page)

Workshop Information:

Thesis Statements

Remember: it isn’t what you think that matters; it’s how you express and support what you think. In this workshop, students will learn how to express their opinions through concise thesis statements and how to support these with strong claims. Students will be provided with examples of strong and weak thesis statements, guided through the planning process in creating a thesis statement, and have the opportunity to practice writing thesis statements on their own.  

Reading (Level I)

Writing a successful essay almost always requires high level reading skills. In this workshop, students will be introduced to different reading strategies for academic texts. They will practice with texts directed at the first-year college/university level, and answer a variety of comprehension questions. Students will be shown how to infer meaning from a sentence, break down a text into understandable parts, and identify key parts of a text.  

Reading (Level II)

This workshop is intended for students who have progressed past the Reading (Level I) Workshop, but need further assistance in grasping more advanced academic texts at the college/university-level. Students will be provided with the tools needed to dissect complex readings, tackle difficult vocabulary, and interpret abstract texts.

Accidental Plagiarism

Students often struggle with how to use other authors’ words in their own work. In this workshop, students will review and practice paraphrasing exercises, identify different instances of plagiarism in sample papers, and practice writing a brief response to an article by applying the correct paraphrasing and citation methods they have been taught.

Peer Tutoring for Math

Coquitlam College offers one-on-one support for students looking to get help with their math assignments with the help of Math peer tutors. If you are having difficulties in your Math assignments, come and meet the peer tutors for assistance. Peer tutoring for Math is available at the Coquitlam main campus.

Please note:
Due to COVID-19, Math Peer Tutoring has been temporarily suspended