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High Quality Private Education
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Flexible Programs

Flexible Programs

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Homestay Program

Become a Host Family

The Homestay Program offers people of different cultures and languages opportunities to live and learn together. We look for homestays where students will feel welcome and safe.

As a host family for Coquitlam College, you might be asked to host students in one of the two programs that we offer. Goals and expectations as outlined are for all programs.

Regular Program

  • $1100 per month (3 meals a day)
    Please note: Our homestay rate will be increasing to $1100 per month including 3 meals. This change will be effective as of September 2017. 
  • Payments come directly from the student.
  • The rate for a student who is away for an extended period is one half the regular fee. The host family will hold the room for the student's return.
  • In the event that the host family is away, the host family shall give the student a refund to pay another family or arrange for another person to care for them in their home.

The full-time student will stay with you from one month to a full year on a month-to-month basis. Please read the Homestay Agreement on the back page of the application form (PDF)

Students who are 19 years or younger need to have the host family sign a notarized custodianship document in order to live with the family. The Homestay Coordinator will contact you to make these arrangements.

Male and female students will not be placed in the same homestay family. Exceptions to this rule may be granted upon receipt of written permission from a relative or guardian.

Visiting Relatives

The homestay fee is $75 per person per day. Prior arrangements must be made with the Homestay Coordinator and/or the homestay family.

Summer/winter Program

The Summer and Winter Short-Term Programs are offered in the summer and winter for 3 - 4 weeks. Some expectations for Special Programs are as follows:

  • Up to two students are placed per family. These students can share a bedroom (provided that there are two beds in the room) or use separate bedrooms.
  • The College arranges airport pick-up.
  • Students must be accompanied to and from the College.
  • Remuneration is $60.00 per day and is paid by the College.

Apply Now

Please fill out and return the application form if you are interested in becoming a host family. Your application will be kept on file for one year, unless directed otherwise by you. We interview families on a need basis; we do not have a waiting list by date of application. If a student's application requests a home with young children, we interview families with young children.

  Comments or Questions?

Please contact our Homestay Coordinators:

Eve Eckford
Homestay Coordinator
Phone: 604-939-6633



Melita O'Neill 
Homestay Coordinator
Phone: 604-939-6633