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Flexible Programs

Flexible Programs

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English Studies Program


Strong English language skills are the keys to reaching your academic and career goals in Canada and the United States. The English Studies Program is for students who are looking to develop their language skills as they prepare for high school and/or university studies.

Coquitlam College offers a wide variety of English courses and immersion experiences for students of any level. 

Admission Requirements

Students must be at least 15 years of age when they begin their studies. In some cases, you will need to take the Coquitlam College English Diagnostic Test to find the best courses for your level. 

Program Options

English Certificate Program

The English Certificate Program is for all students who need to improve their English language skills. Many international students first enter the English Studies Certificate Program before going on to the High School or University Transfer Program.

Courses are offered at three skill levels:

  • Beginner
    Beginner level students have only a few words of English. Upon completion of Beginner courses, students will be able to recognize at least 500 words and write grammatically correct compound sentences and clear, well-organized paragraphs.

  • Intermediate
    Intermediate students build on the skills they developed in Beginner courses and will be able to communicate with native speakers both orally and in writing. Reading comprehension and grammatically correct writing will also be stressed.

  • Advanced
    At the advanced level, students are preparing for the transition to secondary level courses in an English language environment. Emphasis is placed upon clear and fluent communication and on writing essays at the secondary level. It is at this level that students may also begin to prepare for the TOEFL exam.

The Coquitlam College English Diagnostic Test will determine which skill level is best for you.

English Certificate Program Courses

University Preparation Program

This program is for students who are about to begin their university transfer studies at Coquitlam College. The courses emphasize general advanced English skills as well as specialized academic and business English.

**All students must pass Advanced Reading and Advanced Writing before entering this program.

University Preparation Program Courses

  Speak to a Counsellor:

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